Window profile SOFTLINE 82

Window profile SOFTLINE 82

An innovative energy-efficient system that meets the high requirements of the future
Main Features:< The new VEKA profile system is a modern innovative development, thanks to which we design and create windows corresponding to the best. This is a complex system of 40 geometric solutions that meet the requirements of Class A of the RAL standard. Flawless window optics

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Premium-class window system that meets the concept of modern energy-efficient and energy-saving construction. PVC windows manufactured on its basis can significantly reduce the cost of heating and air conditioning: 6 chambers in the sash and 7 chambers in the profile frame, combined with an increased installation depth (82 mm), provide very high performance in heat and noise insulation, as well as increased strength of the window block. 3 levels of elegant grey seals provide better tightness, tightness of the porch and maximum protection from dust and allergens. The increased height of the fold ensures a deep entry of the double-glazed window into the profile groove and minimizes the risk of condensation on the double-glazed window in the area of the remote frame. The closed contour of the reinforcement of the frame and the impost made of metal of increased cross-section gives the structure additional rigidity.


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