Aluminum profile ALT W72

Aluminum profile ALT W72

The frame glazing system ALUTECH ALT W72 with thermal break is designed for the manufacture of “warm” windows, doors, entrances and stained glass windows for modern energy-efficient buildings.


The maximum dimensions of structures made of ALTW72 profile significantly exceed the dimensions of similar structures made of plastic and wood.
At the same time, high strength and easy maintenance significantly increase the service life of aluminum profile structures (up to 80 years).
High thermal insulation characteristics of profiles comparable to the best wooden structures.
High degree of sound insulation.
A wide range of profiles and a large selection of technical solutions.
A simple, error-free technology for the manufacture of structures.
Aluminum and combined profiles:

The alloy is resistant to corrosion and allows the production of high-precision profiles. The combined profiles use thermally insulating profiles made of glass-filled polyamide from leading European manufacturers. Excellent strength characteristics of combined profiles are provided by modern technology of joining dissimilar materials.

Mounting elements:

Fasteners used to connect profiles and other components are made of aluminum and stainless steel.

Coating methods:

Aluminum profiles are covered with protective and decorative polymer layers with a thickness of at least 60 microns and an anode layer with a thickness of at least 20 microns. Profiles can be painted in any color according to the RAL scale or anodized in one of 14 colors.

For combined profiles, the ability to combine different profile colors indoors and outdoors is widely used.


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